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Engineering Manager

Bangalore, Backend
Company Vision 

We are making finance simple. For millions in India. 

Groww is on a mission to democratize access to financial services for millions of Indians responsibly.  We are a  customer-first company. We believe in crafting the best and most delightful user experience for our customers. And we leverage first principle  thinking and technology to solve problems at scale. If this excites you, join us.

  About Groww 

Groww is India’s fastest growing investment platform. Our long-term vision to become the trusted money partner of  ~100M Indians with core products in investment & banking. Groww was founded in 2016 by alums from Flipkart, ICICI,  IITB, IITD, BITs Pilani and is, backed by marquee investors like Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, Ribbit Captial, and Y  Combinator.

 Our Values: 

• We take pride in our values and hold ourselves to a high standard on: 
• Radical customer centricity 
• Simplicity in our products and personalities 
• Transparency on everything
 • Long term thinking
 • Ownership driven culture
Development Responsibilities:

· The Software Development Engineer's core responsibilities include working on highly maintainable and unit tested
  software components/systems that address real world problems.
· Experienced on microservices based architecture, can work on cloud infrastructures like GCP, AWS etc
· Should take the e2e ownership of product/feature right from design, code and deployment.
· Ensure quality at every level be it problem solving, design, code or bug fixes.
· Should be able to collaborate with product managers, architects and other stakeholders to ensure smooth execution
   of sprints.
· Own and unblock users on production issues, able to troubleshoot and fix production issues on priority.
· Can mentor and help other team members and ensure that overall productivity of the team is high.

Requirements :

·   8+ years of experience in building scalable restful/soap microservice services. Good at high level design and
   implementation. Understanding of design patterns.
· Strong problem-solving skills.
· Good understanding of data structures & algorithms and their space & time complexities.
· Strong hands-on and practical working experience with Java and Spring.
· Excellent coding skills - should be able to convert design into code fluently.
· Strong technical aptitude and a good knowledge of CS fundamentals.
· B Tech in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputed college.
· You are expected to demonstrate good learnability and adopt technologies that help build large scale, performant,
  reliable and sustainable systems.